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Leader Training

Change people’s lives through spreading laughter!


  • Gain skills of converting simulated laughter into real infectious and spontaneous laughter without using jokes, comedy or humor.

  • Get a great opportunity to enhance leading skills during practice sessions.

  • Gain the ability to lead people through a laughter meditation and a guided relaxation.


In this training you will learn ways to customize Laughter Yoga to use for organizations, seniors, community events, self-growth and lots more...

LifeFire Laughter Yoga Leader Training


September 28-29, 2019

Saturday & Sunday
10 am - 6 pm

Oakland, California


  • Attract more joy and laughter in your life? 

  • Promote health and well-being through laughter?

  • Learn skills that will improve your leadership abilities and social life?

  • Know how to use laughter as a way to improve quality of life for yourself and others? 

  • Spread peace through the magic of laughter?

  • Start your own laughter club? 

  • Learn how to lead laughter yoga workshops for parties, the elderly, businesses, organizations, schools?


Answer yes to any of these questions?  Then this fun and useful workshop is for you!  



• Practical techniques, resources and skills 
• Connection to a network of other wonderful laughter leaders 
• An assortment of useful handouts & fun stuff 

• Laughter Yoga training manual 
Laugh For No Reason by Dr. Madan Kataria: e-book version 
• Official Laughter Yoga Leader Certificate - good for life!

LifeFire Laughter Yoga Leader Training




Super early bird by Aug 30:
$305 check / $315 paypal

Early bird by Sept 15:

$325 check / $335 paypal


Regular after Sept 15:
$355 - paypal only

Finanacially challenged? 
One partial work exchange spot available. 

Contact Annie by August 30th.

Refund Policy:

50% back if you cancel by Sept 15

25% back if you cancel by Sept 25

No refunds after Sept 25

CONTACT ANNIE to pay by check or with any questions...

about the Leader Training Program

"Annie has an amazing ability to laugh unabashedly and keep a strong container of flow, constructive feedback and information in this training."

- Susan Burkitt, Laughter Yoga Leader Trainee

"Annie looks for the good in all participants. I felt encouraged to take risks and was very supported by Annie through the whole process of leading Laughter Yoga activities. I felt so positive about my whole training experience."

- Jeff B., Laughter Yoga Leader Trainee


"I felt good all over as I drove away on Sunday afternoon. I feel much more equipped now to lead a Laughter Session on my own and can't wait to do it!"


- Pat Berry, Laughter Yoga Leader Trainee

"Annie has a wonderful, positive and supportive attitude which helps to promote learning in a safe environment. You can feel the years of experience she has in this work."


- Lindsey Tan


"Annie Goglia was interactive, joyful, honest and so helpful as a teacher/trainer of Laughter Yoga."

- Sandee B.

"Annie’s brings a relaxed, flexible and helpful atmosphere to this training."

- Sebastein

"Annie's empathetic teaching style helps to transmit the message of this training in such a clear and kind way. She leadership style helps to lead the group to new places of investigation while laughing my way through it all."

- Anonymous

"Annie has extensive knowledge in the areas of laughing, breathing, and yogic exercises. Her energy and flow kept the class interesting and fun. Her open mind and heart allowed for all opinions and experiences to be in the room to learn from."

- Robin C.