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LifeFire Coaching

Laughter for Life

Are you ready to change your life with laughter? Let the healing power of laughter transform your challenges.

Are you a:

  • Type A worker who can’t hit the off-switch after work? Or pause on the clock?

  • Non-profit professional who’s feeling the crunch?

  • Activist on the edge of burnout, but want to stay hopeful and engaged?

  • Recovering shy person?

  • Middle aged person or beyond who wants to lighten up about the challenges of aging?

Would you like to:

  • Bring zest and purpose into growing older?

  • Have tools to keep your inner critic from taking control in your work and life?

  • Bring ease to a challenging relationship?

  • Step out of shyness into satisfying social interactions? 

  • Have fun strategies for dealing with the feelings of overwhelm from the state of the world?


If yes, you may benefit from my LifeFire Coaching Program. Give yourself the gift of sustained support to navigate challenges gracefully and make lasting changes to your life. You are worth it!

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LifeFire Coaching

Coaching with a playful twist!

With many years developing effective tools, it is my mission to help you get into your body and out of anxiety and worry.

During our time together, we’ll identify where you’re stuck and why. Then we’ll use laughter, movement, play and mindfulness techniques to shift you to a more positive and empowered perspective.

In this program we connect weekly for three months. The healing power of laughter builds each week as we dive into the issues that challenge you most.

This fun and transformative program includes:


  • Monthly hour-long coaching sessions where we’ll identify where in your life you feel stuck and find new perspectives and creative solutions. These sessions will guide our work together and help you to make deeper transformations.

  • The other three weeks of the month we practice! Three Laughter Cleanses per month will keep you lightening up and on track to make big changes in your life.  

  • Laughter pick-me-ups between sessions.

  • Free admission to a Laughter Yoga specialty workshop.

Want a taste to see if laughter is your medicine?
Get a FREE 30-min session and see if LifeFire Coaching is right for you!


What People Are Saying

“I learned a great deal from Annie - she taught me to use laughter techniques to overcome my mental blocks and deep seated fears.”


- Yichuan Li, US Bank                                                                 

“I was 'in the moment' for the first time perhaps ever - drifting thoughts and daydreaming were gone! It’s not just the breathing that brings yoga into the [LifeFire Coaching] program, the physical benefits offered in a single session of Laughter Yoga are simply incredible.”


- Ellis Davis


“If I can keep this depth of laughter in my life, I will continue to see the world in a more wonderful light. The whole experience was terrifically uplifting!”                                   


- Bertha Reilly