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Lighten Up Your Life!

Laughter Yoga is a healing modality about creating good health, a lighter approach to life, building community and peace through laughter. It uses a blend of playful, empowering and tension-releasing laughter and breathing exercises.

More and more studies show that what we do with our bodies affects our moods. Laughter Yoga manifests "emotion follows motion" through simple, structured and enjoyable exercises.

Like yoga, it IS a practice. Practicing intentional laughter through Laughter Yoga taps into the mind-body connection.  

Laughter Yoga leaves you energized and relaxed. It actually helps you cultivate a sense of humor and increases your ability to see the lighter side of life. How cool is that?


A little about Annie...

It’s my nature to grow and uncover delight for myself and others. But like many people, I used to be insecure in groups. I was shy with people I didn’t know well. At a high school reunion, an acquaintance of mine said it was good to see me smiling and laughing so much - she remembered me as very reserved and serious... Read more

Did you know that laughter:

  • Busts your stress leaving you more relaxed and zestful.

  • Boosts your immune system, keeping infections, allergies and cancers at bay.

  • Eases pain naturally with no nasty side effects.

  • Relieves depression and anxiety

  • Helps you get better sleep.

  • Normalizes blood pressure.

  • Keeps you looking and feeling healthy and vibrant.

CBS Bay Sunday
Interview on Laughter Yoga

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