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Oakland Meetup

Oakland LifeFire Laughter Yoga Meetup


Donations welcomed


Come get healthier and happier with us! Laughter is scientifically shown to reduce stress, normalize blood pressure, relieve pain and more. Willingness to laugh and connect with other people are all that’s required.  Not in the mood? We'll help you laugh even when you don't feel like it.


Join us for fun warm ups, playful laughter exercises, a rollicking laughter flow, and a relaxation that will leave you blissed out! No Yoga mats, jokes, or even a sense of humor needed.

2nd & 4th Tuesdays, 7:30 pm PST

And stay tuned for pop up LY sesssions

Go to

Laughter Yoga Oakland, East Bay, CA

​"If you want to meet a great group of people, have a blast, and laugh... this is the group for you! I had so much fun and everyone was so nice and welcoming!"


- Meagan, Oakland Lifefire Laughter club attendee

Laughter Yoga Meetup



Yup, it's FREE!
(Donations of $5 - $20 gratefully accepted)

Led by Certified Laughter Yoga Leaders Annie Goglia and Liz Nichols.
Event founded by Annie in 2007.

Find us at:


Please wear loose comfortable clothes for easier laughing.

Laughte Club, Laughter Yoga Meetup, Kaiser, Oakland



Six great reasons to check out Lifefire Laughter Yoga! 


  • You're tired of taking life so seriously. 

  • You want to tickle the child that still resides inside.

  • You want to tweak the mask and let it slip a bit.

  • You want to feel the shine in your eyes and see it in everyone's eyes around you!

  • You think you can't sing with others, so you might as well LAUGH with others! 

  • You want to connect with your heart in a different way.

Visit Oakland Lifefire Laughter Yoga on Meetup!

Free Laughter Yoga Meetup, Oakland, East Bay, CA


"Great time last evening: joyful, spontaneous, play and LOTS of laughter. The 'spontaneity' was, of course, only possible because of the thoughtful, flexible, structure provided by Annie. I left light-hearted, open-bodied, and grateful to her and to all those joyful, laugh-loving playmates who gathered willingly to allow for silliness and fun. I look forward to Annie's next laughter session."

- Nancy, Oakland Lifefire Laughter Club attendee


- Marcia Lind, LifeFire Laughter Yoga participant

After an hour of laughter yoga led by Annie, I felt relaxed and energized and continued to laugh throughout the day. It felt great. It was also a fun team exercise and really had us connecting with each other through this shared experience. Annie's approach makes the instruction fun, insightful, and easy."


- Nicole, private group Laughter Yoga Session attendee

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