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LifeFire Coaching

Laughter for a Better Life

Are you ready to change your life with laughter? Let the healing power of mindful laughter and play transform your challenges.

Are you a:

  • Sensitive person who's feeling isolated and stressed by the Covid epidemic? You need and want more self-care, connection and healthy social interaction. 

  • A woman over 50 who is considering online dating, but don't know where to begin? You want to do it, but you feel overwhelmed, scared or discouraged at the prospect.

  • Type A worker who can’t hit the off-switch after work? Or pause on the clock? You know you need more time for yourself, but it's a struggle to find it.

  • Non-profit professional who’s feeling the crunch and wants to beat the burn out?

  • Middle aged person or beyond who wants to lighten up about the challenges of aging?

Would you like to:

  • Have fun and useful strategies for dealing with the feelings of overwhelm from the state of the world?

  • Have a safe, supportive space to process and express your full spectrum of feelings?

  • Bring zest and purpose into growing older?

  • Have tools to keep your inner critic from taking control in your work and life?

  • Bring ease to a challenging relationship?

  • Step out of shyness into satisfying social interactions? 

  • Get emotional support and practical help with building a better social life: making new friends or stepping into online dating?


If yes, you may benefit from my LifeFire Coaching Program. Give yourself the gift of sustained support to navigate challenges gracefully and make lasting changes to your life. You are worth it!

FREE LifeFire Assessment


Get a complimentary 30-minute session and see how you can light up your life!

LifeFire Coaching

Coaching with a playful twist!

It is my mission to help you get into your body and out of anxiety and worry. You will get the benefit of my many years of developing effective tools.

During our time together, we’ll identify where you’re stuck and why. I'll skillfully hold the space for you to process any emotions or thoughts that emerge. We’ll use laughter, movement, play and mindfulness techniques to shift you to a more positive and empowered perspective.

Fun Life Coaching, Oakland CA

In this program we connect weekly for a minimum of three months. The healing power of laughter builds each week as we dive into the issues that challenge you most.

This fun and transformative program includes:


  • Monthly hour-long coaching sessions where we’ll identify where in your life you feel stuck and find new perspectives and creative solutions. These sessions will guide our work together and help you to make deeper transformations.

  • The rest of the month we practice! Three half hour sessions per month will keep you lightening up and on track to make big changes in your life.  

  • Optional laughter pick-me-ups between sessions.

  • Free admission to a Laughter Yoga specialty workshop.

Want a taste to see if laughter is your medicine?
Get a FREE 30-min session and see if LifeFire Coaching is right for you!


FREE LifeFire Assessment


Get a complimentary 30-minute session and see how you can light up your life!

What People Are Saying

"Annie started by supporting me around my job stress. Whether it was an annoying younger manager or a pushy coworker, she listened well and made useful suggestions, using empathy and humor. She validated my feelings and then guided me on how to stand up for myself with strategic thoughtfulness to improve my work relationships.


With the onset of the Corona Virus I found myself in the midst of a roller coaster of emotions. Annie helped me to “get a grip” and have a lighter perspective. I am now able to relax, rest and rejuvenate  and accept what is happening with more compassion.


I so enjoy laughing with Annie and trying out her techniques! It would have been so much more challenging to go through this without her."


--Juliette J

"My coaching experience with Annie has set me on the right track to a life that balances my spirituality, work, and family. Annie helped me stop and take a serious—but loving and gentle—look at myself in order to understand how and why I need to make changes in order to achieve that wonderful balance. I have made decisions that have already made a dramatic positive impact on the quality of my life."

- Jennie Mulqueen


"I learned a great deal from Annie - she taught me to use laughter and mindfulness techniques to overcome my mental blocks and deep seated fears."


- Yichuan Li, US Bank     

"Annie gave me a good push out of a stuck place by asking the right questions. She helped me identify key goals in my life and supported me in taking steps to meet them. With her support, I am doing more of what I really want to do!"

- Janice Faye Molnar

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